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Responsive Web Design

Website for your company, business or organization. We offer beautiful and functional designs that work perfectly from all platforms. Your visitors will have good time doing business with you, from Desktop, Tablet or Mobile. We offer complete no hassle solutions, from registering domains and hosting for you with complete CMS website design.

Ideal for SME business, Online Shops, Organizations and Blogs

System Integration 

Neon Systems offers system integration for business enterprises and government institutions. The solutions offered to our customers can be maintained through the complete life cycle depending on the defined agreement. We offer solution ranging for the complete IT infrastructure such as:

  • Infrastructure Solutions
  • Implementation of security solutions
  • Networking Environment
  • VPN secure communication

Information Security

Our company enables our customers to protect what is now-days the most valuable asset: information and information systems. We offer complete security solutions with hardware and software to protect the security and integrity of your data.

  • Computer Network Security Solutions
  • Data Integrity and Security Solutions
  • Endpoint Security

Software Development

SMEs Business Applications

Programs for business process in small and medium size enterprises. Solution for Selling/Buying process, production process.

Document Management System

Web Based DMS for Business Companies, Organization and Governmental Institutions. Solutions including Records Management, Image Management and Web Content Management.